IQ Controls suite for the Australian Automotive Insurance, motor repair, Auto repair and Taxi Clubs

IQ Controls Automotive Software Suite

A solution suite for a range of uniquely Australian needs for Claims managers, Insurance companies, self-insurers, Auto Repairers and Tradesman

One Platform Many Solutions

Claim Management

Smash Repair Assessing

 A Claim Management Solution for Insurers that can handle the myriad of different estimate formats in the Australian market.

Automotive Assessing

Autobody Assessing

An online Automotive Assessing management solution for the unique needs of Australian Automotive Assessors. 

Taxi Club Manager


An Australian solution for Self-insuring Taxi Clubs serving Taxis, Uber, and Ride-Sharing industries. 

Estimation and Bodyshop Management

Automotive Bodyshop

Automotive software for car repair management all in the one online solution integrated with business management and our advanced repair estimation tool

Automotive Shop Management

Automotive Mechanic

Automotive software for the Auto Mechanic and other auto trades all in the one online solution integrated with business management, and workshop management

Trades Job Management

Tradesman Software

Simple to use online Management suite for a tradesman. Still in limited testing and due for release on December 2019

Claim Management Software Evolved

The IQ Controls Suite is a simple and progressive software solution that allows insurers, Fleet Managers, Claims Managers, Insurers and  Taxi Clubs to achieve a simpler and more profound automated claims management process. 

Australia's most advanced, data-driven, end-to-end motor claims processing capability – driving efficiencies, cost control and enhanced customer engagement


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